National Dog Day: What it means to me

After a long day caring for two babies (I also nanny for a 10 month old), I came home to my overjoyed #kanedog, anxiously awaiting our arrival. To be honest, I hadn't checked social media all day, so I really had no idea it was national dog day, regardless, I was just as excited to see him.

It used to bother me that he got so worked up when I came home and I even started avoiding greeting him entirely until his wiggle-butt, zoomies subsided but then I realized what fun is that? There's certain things that provide our hearts with bounds of love and gratitude from our pups and this greeting ritual is certainly one of them.

In addition to Kane's serenading process when I arrive home, I also love the way he lays next to me after I'm done all the things a mom has to do and gently rests his head on my leg. It's his way of thanking for me for finally sitting down to enjoy our company together and just appreciate each other's presence.

I also love when we go for a walk and he gives me that look of gratitude; I'm certain he appreciates each and every one of our walks, even if we run into numerous dogs, cats and screaming children (who are up way too late past any acceptable bed time). The time that we enjoy outside can sometimes be stressful, but we have our moments where all is right in the world -- Adelaide (our baby) kicks her legs in excitement while watching Kane sniff away while marking all the interesting areas with urine while I patiently wait for voluntary eye contact, a gentle nuzzle on my leg and that grin that he gives me when he's truly content.

Kane's a very modest pup who doesn't poop for just anybody and also doesn't like to (as my mother would say) pass gas in front of others, but on the rare occasion when one "slips out", I absolutely, positively love the way he immediately glares at his rear end in surprise and embarrassment.

In the early morning hours when my built in alarm clock, also known as Adelaide, wakes us between 5:30-6:00, I love when Kane dog starts to get excited downstairs when he hears my footsteps in the hallway and bathroom. It reminds me why it's so important to appreciate the unconditional love a dog provides us with. Just the sound of my foot steps makes this guy happy, if only our lives could be so simple and full of love, anticipation, trust, loyalty and fun!

Most of all, what I appreciate the most on National Dog Day and celebrating with my pup, Kane, is that every day is an adventure. Every day we learn from each other and every day he inspires me to be a better person. How could we not take the time to honor these amazing creatures?