During Reanna's studies in Psychology at Stockton University, Reanna found reprieve from her demanding school schedule by caring for dogs. Reanna yearned for a dog through childhood and finally embraced the opportunity when she finished school and moved to Philadelphia.

Faced with a challenging first dog, Rosie, Reanna learned first hand the challenges of owning a leash reactive dog in the city. After responsibly relocating Rosie to a more comfortable environment on a farm, Reanna was ready to take the chance at rescuing another dog.

As fate will have it, Reanna wound up with another challenging dog. Equipped with the knowledge, resources and support, Reanna is actively working with Xuxa to improve her noise sensitivity with positive reinforcement training and sound masking.

Since Reanna's addition to the team she has learned about canine body language, specifically how to identify stress signals and therefore how to modify her interactions appropriately with each dog. She has learned positive reinforcement techniques for managing dogs who exude separation anxiety, fearfulness of the outdoors, apprehension being harnessed before walks and clicker/marker training games to utilize both inside and outside for mental stimulation and relationship building.

Reanna's patience with leash reactive and fearful dogs is her strongest attribute as a professional dog walker and caretaker. Every dog is sure to feel emotionally supported in her care and even learn a trick or two!