We are here to help - whether your dog is fearful of new people in your home, has had an unfortunate situation with previous dog walkers, needs an educated handler who knows how to manage their walks in an interactive and positive way or you just simply need your dog walked while you're at work - we are here.

After completing a behavioral assessment, Melissa will create a customized walk/visit for your dog to expend energy while also doing incorporating some brain work to ensure your dog has a well rounded visit, ultimately leaving them tired, but calm.

At the completion of your dog's visit, your walker will send you a text update documenting any close encounters with other dogs and improvements or setbacks noticed during our visit. Melissa will provide feedback at the end of each week's walks, offering training advice, training games or equipment suggestions. We value the quality of each walk with your dog and find our line of communication to be the most important tool in maintaining a healthy and fun relationship with your dog during our time together.



1. 30-Minute Visits - This visit will include proper leash walking etiquette coupled with obedience enrichment throughout the walk (sit here, touch this, wait, stay, etc). If the weather is poor, we will utilize indoor mental stimulation activities to help leave your pup tired, yet calm!

  • Leash reactive dogs - rates to be determined
  • On the fly - $25 per session
  • 1 or more walks on a set schedule - $20 per session

2. 45-Minute Visits - Recommended for the energetic adolescent who becomes frustrated at the site of other dogs (or moving objects) on leash. Does your dog need more space on walks? Is he/she constantly reacting to dogs, bikes, skateboarders or loud vehicles? Allow us to have a more fulfilling walk for your dog by warming up with mental stimulation games before heading outside.

  • Leash reactive dogs - rates to be determined
  • On the fly - $37
  • 1 or more walks on a set schedule - $32 per session

3. 60-Minute Walks - Recommended for dogs with separation anxiety, young, leash reactive dogs, or for the spoiled pup who deserves that long walk coupled with obedience enrichment and lots of treat games!  With 60 minutes allow us to expend physical, pent up energy through long, vigorous walks, long lead games, nose work and/or running adventures and mental stimulation games.

  • Leash reactive dogs - rates to be determined
  • On the fly - $45
  • 1 or more walks on a set schedule - $40 per session

4. 12-hour Sleepovers - This is the best option for your pup while you're away, as it keeps stress at it's lowest while you're gone by keeping you dog's routine and environment consistent. The options are limitless - obedience enrichment, new tricks, long leash walks, fetch on a long lead, nose work in the park, a frozen PB kong and a movie, and of course, lots of bedtime snuggles (pending your approval of course) in your own home and neighborhood!

  • Two - 30 minute leash walks (PM and AM), adequate potty breaks and obedience enrichment (all other basic necessities included as well) - $75 per sleep over

***Prices subject to change depending on dogs' level of reactivity

***Custom sleepover options are always available upon request